Operations Simplified

Our solutions are focused on simplifying and streamlining your operations. We'll provide you with the full benefit of the latest technologies and architectures


Solutions driving business


We pay attention for both the technical and business aspects of your organisation:
We maintain security, data integrity and availability


An overview


Cloud infrastructure as a service


Host your IT and applications in our Belgian Tier III facilities with customized connectivity and support. We can deliver shared or dedicated hosting, backed by clear service level agreements and EU privacy principles.




Our colocation sites are Tier III secure facilities with uninterrupted power options and optional support, remote hands or data protection. You can order space per unit and per 0,5 A.


Storage synchronisation


Our SeaFile solution enables you to synchronize data from within the cloud. You can access your data from wherever you want. You don’t need local copies and you can share your files and folders whenever you need to.


Email & Groupware


Use our secure messaging solutions. Access your emails and contacts, manage and share calendars & tasks via local apps or browsers. Your data will be stored in our own Belgian data center on real hardware.


Web & Database hosting


We can organize all sizes of data. This service can include installation, configuration and optimization as well as any required maintenance. We offer solutions from small to large database operations. It’s that easy.


Application building


We can create web and desktop applications customised to your needs. You gain the flexibility to choose the solution that’s right for you – whether that’s on your or our hardware.


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