Our Expertise

We can assist with the design of complete systems including hardware, software, networking and security – local or in the cloud - and we can manage these projects to make your vision real.


Why work with us?


Our expertise – with proven track records – enables us to consult on a wide range of IT subjects.


Industry experience


Our team has been working with IT providers for more than 15 years.


Technical expertise


Because we work with IT technology on a daily basis we can assess the best suitable solution for you.




In focussing on our core business we stay on top of this ever changing matter.


Our workflow

Step 1: assessment of your business needs

Are you looking for a solution as part of a reorganisation, or because you have an acute problem? We focus on your needs. We will detail how you work and listen to your concerns and business drivers.

Step 2: identifying priorities and criteria

We identify priorities and criteria that must be met by your new solution: reliability, security, flexibility, service levels, price,.. These will be processed in a scorecard that allows you to select the proper design.

Step 3: design of a migration plan

Once the new design is clear, we need to assure the continuity of your business. Do we need to setup a proof of concept? Do we need to migrate your existing data? Are we implementing new software’s or new releases? This will result in a step by step plan to guarantee a smooth.

Step 4: maintenance and support

After you sign up with us, we proactively maintain your environment and re- evaluate your needs on a yearly basis to guarantee the best fit. As such we will prevent you from losing time and money.


Get in touch


Please fill out our contact form or send an email to info@dv-consulting.be to get more information about our products & services.